​​Transitions in Life

  • Letting go while holding onto the memory of your loved one.  

There comes a time when we feel ready to go through a loved ones belongings.  For some it is months after the death and for others it may be years.  When the time comes, it is hard to even know where to begin.  After working in hospice for ten years and experiencing my own losses, this is an area that is near and dear to my heart.  I have great compassion for those going through loss and know the importance of taking it at your own pace.


  • Home Organizing before and after your move.
  • Clearing clutter, so you don't take it with you.
  • Help in recognizing what to keep, sell, donate and toss.
  • Packing away what you don't need until the move.
  • Help in setting up your new space.​
  • Creating a plan for your new space.​

Moving gives you a wonderful opportunity for a fresh new start. If you are looking to downsize it is an opportunity to let go of what you no longer need as you open yourself up to your new life.  It is a very exciting time but it can also be overwhelming with so many choices to make.  I can help you through this process to make the transition as smooth as possible.

​​​Sacred Spaces

  • A space for you to breathe, read, relax, knit, do yoga, meditate, write and create or to just be.
  • We will start by setting an intention for the space.
  • We will take away what does not serve that intention.
  • We will design a space that welcomes the energy you are looking for.

We all deserve a sacred space to come home to.  It may be a corner in a room or an entire room.  It must be a thoughtful process to create the space you are truly looking for.

​​What you can expect from me...

  • Complete confidentiality.
  • Compassion, understanding, and trust.
  • Support and guidance throughout the process.
  • Organizing systems that work for you.
  • A space that is a reflection of you and your style.
  • Professionalism.
  • Fully Insured.

​$50.00/hour for in-home services.

Contact me directly for all speaking requests.
​Contact me at 207-240-3784 or kathy@roombyroomorganizing.com to learn more.

​​​Office Organizing

  • Organizing for your home office.
  • Creating systems that keep you organized, efficient and on top of your game.

Having an organized office space will make you more productive throughout your day, help you to meet important deadlines and take away stress.

Paper Management

  • Clearing paper clutter, sorting, organizing and creating a filing system.
  • Designing a paper management system to keep paperwork from getting out of control.

Paper can easily get out of control without the right systems in place.  

​​Home Organizing Services
​207-240-3784 or kathy@roombyroomorganizing.com

Home Organizing

  • ​​​​​​For all areas of your home including the garage, attic, and basement.
  • Each project starts with taking away those items that no longer serve you.
  • ​Once we have cleared any clutter, we start organizing.
  • Space planning for a more functional space that is pleasing to the eye.​
  • Includes a plan for maintenance once I am gone.

Throughout life we have a natural accumulation of stuff.  There often comes a time when we look around and feel overwhelmed by all we have accumulated. Most of my clients feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to begin. I help my clients through this process, so they can love their homes once again.