"The garage project went from one I had been thinking about for a few years to DONE in a few hours!  Kathy listens to your needs and senses any hesitation and assists you in moving beyond it to the right solution for you.  In addition to clearing out items no longer used or needed, Kathy guides you in organizing the rest. What you learn can be applied to any other space.  I plan to hire Kathy again as it seems truly the easiest way to get to the finish line.  Highly recommended - 10 out of 10!"

Julie P., Lewiston, ME

     "This past year has been spent renovating my home.  As I moved from room to room some things never made it back to their original space but instead were shoved into my spare room.  It was time to deal with it, but I felt this task was overwhelming.  This has been home for 35+ years and there was 35+ years of accumulated "stuff"...and then I met up with Kathy.  She was so enthusiastic about making the process simple and effective that it motivated me to go for it.

     Kathy first came over to assess the room, asked what my goal for the space was and asked some questions to help her plan the next phase. The clean out day was both exhilarating and exhausting.  She is very calm and deliberate in her methods and makes the process manageable. Once everything had been looked at and put in its appropriate pile (keep, throw, donate), and the permanent home for the "keep" pile was found, then we got to the fun part - redo the space to be pleasing to the eye, and also functional.  It was a great success.

     Our next target was paperwork (includes financial, medical and personal) which proved to be the most satisfying.  This process was handled very discreetly - Kathy guided the sorting process then helped me create a system that works for me.  Although the end result is not outwardly visible, what a relief and sense of accomplishment it is to have your papers in order.

     Kathy is professional, prompt and a pleasure to be around. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and because you see immediate results, so worth the process.  Going through this has helped me to be deliberate about what I keep in my life, what a gift.  Thank you, Kathy!"

Doris B. Auburn, ME

     "Kathy's organization of my spare room not only brought me a sense of neatness but also a wonderful flow of energy throughout the room.  Her courteous and thoughtful observations and suggestions helped me to declutter the room.  Her simple wisdom of choosing a place for everything and everything in its place made it possible for me to continue keeping it organized and inspired me to work on other areas of my home.  Her friendliness, humor, and professionalism immediately gave me a sense of ease and a chore I had been dreading turned into a fun filled, productive morning!"

Barb S., Lisbon Falls, ME